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  • Empowering children and youth through the acquisition of knowledge and technical skills to face the challenges of mobility, in order to make them actors of change; 

  • Raise awareness of the cause of sustainable mobility and influence student mobility behavior towards more sustainable habits; 

  • D evolve students' critical thinking and communication skills in relation to sustainable mobility; 

  • Involvement of students in strategic mobility planning and decision-making processes; 

  • Better understanding of student mobility behavior through innovative tools; 

  • Test and deploy new user-centric mobility solutions.

The project Children and youth empowerment with the support of DecidiUM digital platformaims to deliver a direct participation experience to children and youth in the co-creation of mobility planning, while at the same time enabling cities, academia and industry actors to gain valuable data and knowledge on their mobility habits to be able to design more suitable solutions for them.  
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Materials Used 
  • A hands-on learning questionnaire for pupils to guide them around the school surroundings and with some questions to be answered during the activity;

  • A tutorial guide for teacher to use when pupils are not allowed free movement.