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EIT Urban Mobility

The EIT Urban Mobility is a European initiative to create livable urban spaces. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), it works to accelerate positive changes in mobility to make urban spaces more livable.

It does  involving cities and citizens, putting new mobility solutions into practice and recovering public space for public use.

​KIC EIT Urban Mobility divides its lines of intervention into five major areas:

  • Factory
  • Business Creation
  • Innovation
  • Academy
  • City Club
Details on the development of all these areas can be consulted on the initiative's website here .

The RIS Hub Portugal is made up of a consortium formed by the company BGI, the IASA Association and the company Thales Portugal.


Each RIS Hub Portugal partner has specific missions that it performs within the scope of the Hub.

BGI, in addition to being the leading partner of the consortium, is also responsible for implementing the Open Innovation program of the EIT Urban Mobility in Portugal. 

Thales Portugal is responsible for mapping the mobility ecosystem in the urban territory of several municipalities. 

Project details can be consulted on the initiative's website here .

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EIT Urban Mobility

CES4Kids aims to offer an experience of direct participation of children and young people in the co-creation of mobility planning, while allowing cities, academia and other actors to improve knowledge about their mobility habits in the sense of power. design more suitable solutions. 

InnoCap aims to promote innovation and capacity in RIS countries. The main activities carried out to achieve InnoCap's goals are Mobilithon, the Volunteer Ambassador Program to promote the EIT UM ecosystem,  educational and training actions to empower citizens for innovative activities _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and, finally, strong and wide dissemination of all events and activities in RIS countries.

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