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IASA Association - Institute for Advanced Studies and Awareness is a

private and non-profit association.


IASA is composed of individual and collective members who

share common values and mission which seeks the development of

the processes for the Millenium Sustainability and Citizenship.


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To promote multidisciplinary knowledge for the development of society based on specialized training actions, sessions for public participation, lectures, debates and other similar events.


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The work developed by IASA is based on ethical values guided by principles of

independence, transparency, rigor and impartiality.

The IASA activity is commanded by social responsibility objectives which are influenced by the quality of the interactions built and also by the creativity and innovation used to implement its projects towards sustainability and citizen’s responsibility and awareness.

Executive Board

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Rosario Macário
Chairman and Founder

With a degree in Business Management, a Master and a Ph.D in Transport Systems. Associate professor and researcher in the field of transportation at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) from Universidade de Lisboa and also an invited professor at Antwerp University in Belgium.

Maria Emília Baltazar

CV Soon ...

Vasco Reis
Vasco Reis 1.jpg

With a PhD in Transport Systems from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), he is currently an Integrated Member of the Civil Engineering Research and Innovation Center for IST's Sustainability and Senior Transport Consultant at TIS.PT - Consultores em Transportes, Inovação and Systems.

Fiscal Board

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Alberto Soares_edited_edited.jpg
Alberto Soares
Chairman and Founder

Chartered Accountant, tax arbitrator at the Administrative Arbitration Center and investment consultant, registered with the CMVM. He has a degree in Business Administration and Management and in Law - Legal-Economic. He holds a postgraduate degree in the Advanced Program for Corporate and Financial Finance and a Master in Business Law.

Mario Cabral

Degree in Economics (Universidade Católica Portuguesa), specialization in Environmental Management (Instituto Superior Técnico). Statutory Auditor. Financial advisor in the areas of corporate governance . Previous management functions in companies in the areas of tourism and hospitality, editing of technical publications and financial leases.

Paulo Matos Martins
Member and Founder

With a Ph.D in Civil Engineer from IST, Senior Civil Engineer and Specialist in Transport from the Association of Portuguese Engineers, and also Specialist in Transport from IPL (public defenses). Professor and researcher in the field of transportation at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL/IPL). He is currently the president of the Center for Civil Engineering Studies and the Coordinator of the Degree in Technologies and Municipal Management at ISEL.

General Committee

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Jorge Reis Silva
Jorga Silva.jpg

Degree in Marine Systems Engineering for Electrotechnics and Telecommunications (ESNIDH), Master in Operational Research and Systems Engineering (IST / UL), and Doctor in Transport (IST / UL). Researcher at CERIS (IST / UL), and Scientific Coordinator of the Transport Research Center (NIT) of the Department of Aerospace Sciences (DCA) at UBI. He is Assistant Professor at the DCA of UBI.

Maria Idália Gomes 

She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering in the field of Construction Sciences from the Faculty of Science and Technology at UNL. She is a professor and researcher in the field of Construction at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL / IPL). NZEB Consultant (2016-2020) - SouthZEB Portugal, co-funded by the Smart Energy Europe Program of the European Union.

Duarte Cunha
Duarte Cunha.jpg

CV Soon ...

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IASA - Institute for Advanced Studies and Awareness bylaws can be downloaded using the link below

(Currently only the Portuguese version is available. The English version will arrive soon.)

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