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Organização do Projeto

Project Organization 

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The Role of the IASA 

IASA will be the main partner of the project and, therefore, the entity responsible for the Work Package 0, which focuses on the management of the InnoCap project. We will work to coordinate the InnoCap project, promote good communication between the partners and EIT Urban Mobility, and coordinate the consortium's regular meetings. In addition, the IASA will also be responsible ​​for delivering the project report within the deadline_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b - 18d6bad5 other deadlines related to project management.

The IASA then performs a project management and coordination role, aiming to ensure task leaders' motivation and a consensus management approach. 

Partner Functions

Dissemination in order to build Global Innovators. BGI will be responsible for this work, providing the communication plan and all materials to be adapted by the consortium locally, according to the EIT Urban Mobility framework and branding, using the EIT Urban Mobility logo and the EU flag.


Select  students   who express an interest in becoming ambassadors and, after their selection, organize online events to inform them about all aspects of the EIT Urban Mobility and them about how, when and what activities they would promote.


Implement one of the main activities of the project - the Mobilithons - in 4 RIS sites in the partner countries, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta and Portugal. Cleantech Bulgaria will coordinate and manage these activities across the consortium.


In preparation for the Mobilithon and to increase the knowledge and innovation capacity of stakeholders in RIS countries on sustainable mobility topics, MCAST will be in charge of creating a replicable and scalable education and training programme, the outputs of which will include the creation of 2 specific training modules.

To learn more about the entities involved, click on their names and visit their official pages. 
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