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Specialization Course in

Inspection and Diagnosis, Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Buildings

Module 1: 10-12October (post-work) + Visits, morning October 13  |  Module 2: October 16-19 (after work)

Module 3: October 25-26 (after work) +A.Experimental, morning 28 October  | Module 4: October 30-31(post-work) 

This course is a partnership between IASA and CEEC / ISEL


IASA and CEEC / ISEL develop joint theoretical and practical training in order to provide engineering and architecture professionals with the skills necessary to perform their duties, regardless of their previous academic background and which is usually very varied.

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This course is taught by highly qualified specialists with great business experience and aims to contribute to the training of qualified technicians in the field of inspection and diagnosis, rehabilitation and reinforcement of buildings, complementing their training and contributing to the quality of the respective interventions.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It is also intended that the trainees acquire new knowledge in the field of design and work, that they develop skills that allow them to identify and diagnose the pathology, develop techniques for rehabilitation and reinforcement of buildings; in its non-structural and structural components.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The development of this course fits in with the objectives and mission of both promoters.



The specialization course in Inspection and Diagnosis, Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Buildings consists of 3 modules:

Module 1 - Inspection and Diagnostic Methodologies (4 hours + 2 hours)

- Inspection and Diagnostic Methodologies in Masonry and Concrete Structures (4 hours)

- Experimental class (optional - 2 hours)

Module 2 - Masonry: Performance and Compatibility Requirements (10 hours + 4 hours):

- Techniques for Rehabilitation of Old Building Masonry (6 hours)

- Structural Rehabilitation: Case Studies (4 hours)

- Technical Visits (optional - 4 hours)

Module 3 - Reinforced Concrete: Performance and compatibility requirements (12 hours):

- Repair and Reinforcement of Concrete Structures (9 hours)

- Structural Rehabilitation: Case Studies (3 hours)



Módulo 1

Alvenaria: requisitos de desempenho e compatibilidade


10-12 Outubro 2023, 10 horas

13 Outubro 2023, 4 h opcionais

Módulo 2

 Betão Armado: requisitos de desempenho e compatibilidade


16-19 Outubro 2023, 13 horas

Módulo 3

Inspeção e ensaios nas construções. Metodologias de diagnóstico


25 e 26 Outubro 2023, 6 horas

28 Outubro 2023, 2 h opcionais

Módulo 4 - Metodologias do LNEC para a Verificação de Segurança Sísmica de Edifícios Existentes


30 e 31 Outubro 2023, 6 horas

Todas as sessões são lecionadas on-line na plataforma Zoom, exceto as Visitas Técnicas do Módulo 1 e Aula Experimental do Módulo 3.



The various modules will be developed by recognized specialists in the field of rehabilitation who put their know-how into practice every day. The summarized curriculum of each of the trainers can be seen below.


Luís Pedro Mateus - GECoRPA


Vasco Appleton - A2P CONSULT, Lda


Nuno Travassos - A2P CONSULT, Lda


José Paulo Costa - Stap, SA


Carlos Mesquita - Oz Diagnóstico, LDA


Pedro Melo - A2P CONSULT, Lda



Entries can be made by module, whose value is as follows:

Module 1 - Inspection and testing in constructions. Diagnostic methodologies:

No trial class, 4h: €80 + VAT
With trial class, 6h: €130 + VAT


Module 2 - Masonry: Performance and Compatibility Requirements:

Without technical visit, 10 am: €200 + VAT
With technical visit, 14h: €300 + VAT

Module 3 - Reinforced Concrete: Performance and Compatibility Requirements

Classes, 12h: €240 + VAT


Trainees who enroll in the 3 modules benefit from a 10% discount (regardless of whether they enroll in the class

experimental and/or technical visit). Additional discount for associates of partner entities and students.

The theoretical classes will be online.

Register here.

[Download the registration form to your computer, open it in Excel and follow the instructions indicated therein]

For more information or clarification of doubts, please contact the course coordination:

Prof. Doctor Maria Idália Gomes (,  965 084 587).



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