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In this area, the activities to be developed by IASA are described, with emphasis on the following types of activity:

  • Provide scientific, technological and cultural development, training and dissemination activities, both within the scope of specialized lifelong learning processes and within the framework of basic learning processes and social inclusion.

  • Obtain and maintain the accreditation status together with the necessary entities and others that you consider to be useful for the pursuit of the respective corporate purpose.

  • Create a system of awarding scholarships based on the candidates' individual merit and their social situation , aimed at partially or globally paying for the frequency of training actions carried out within the scope of social responsibility processes. These grants will be subject, on a case-by-case basis, to specific regulations.

  • Actively collaborate with the entities of the national scientific and technological system, the national culture system, local authorities and other national entities in the promotion of scientific, technological and cultural projects selected and approved by the Board.

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