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Citizen Debates on Active Mobility 2020

As part of the activities of the EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Portugal, we held two citizen debates on urban mobility at the end of the year 2020. The debates were conducted online and lasted for three hours. About 25 participants participated, plus six moderators in each session. See more details below.


Participants have very heterogeneous travel routines. Students, especially those who are displaced, are highly prone to use active mobility .


The increase in age and, consequently, in purchasing power , seems to generate a greater propensity for indiscriminate use of the car .


The need to transport heavy volumes, in many cases, conditions the use of the bicycle by the participants (e.g. shopping).


The pandemic brought changes to mobility patterns . Many participants users of public transport switched to cars or bicycles, depending on what they had available.

Participants living in large urban centers have access to cycle paths. Sometimes the link between neighborhoods is missing .


There are cities where orography (e.g. Covilhã) makes the use of these modes less appealing. However, one can overcome this by providing modes with assistance (e.g. electric bicycles).


Good articulation between bike lanes and access to public transport is an asset. Public transport capable of accommodating active modes is essential.

The creation of a network of cycle paths alone is not enough. It is necessary to provide signalling, parking and awareness campaigns about who should use them and even more, avoid their illegal occupation (e.g. car parking).

Participants Evaluation


It was a very good debate; the exchange of opinions and experiences served the purpose of getting to know various forms of mobility on a daily basis. It is important to change mindsets and these debates are a good way to do so.

Very well organized event; the fact that they use small groups for discussion facilitates everyone's intervention.

I felt in a safe and friendly environment at all times. I also noticed that the moderators were highly qualified to speak on this topic.

It was a very good debate and in my groups there was time to listen to everyone's opinion.

Join us in these debates about the future of our mobility that depends on us all!

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