This set of trainings is a partnership between IASA and XNC.


IASA and XNC jointly developed some theoretical and practical training with the aim of xxxxxxx

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Stress Management and Emotional Management Course 



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November 22, 25 and 29 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

(after-work class)



enjoy the  well-being and happiness are increasingly important priorities in people's daily lives.


between different  factors present, we highlight two considered determinants for this well-being.  The way you deal with stressful situations, and the way  how each individual handles and manages emotions.


With this training, we seek to promote methods, knowledge and strategies that allow, according to the specificity and circumstances, each one to better manage emotions and  adopt preventive actions necessary to promote well-being.

For this, the Emotional Management and Stress Management Course program was developed.  


  • Understand Stress as an adaptive response (mental, physical and emotional) to the demands, changes and events of life;

  • Identify sources, symptoms and effects of Stress;

  • Promote/identify management strategies  positive emotional.





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Trainer Name

The various modules will be developed by renowned specialists in the field of rehabilitation who put their know-how into practice every day. The summary curriculum of each of the trainers can be viewed below.



Registrations can be made by module, the value of which is as follows:

Module 1 - Construction inspection and testing. Diagnostic methodologies:

Without experimental class, 4h: 80 € + VAT
With experimental class, 6h: 130 € + VAT


Module 2 - Masonry: Performance and compatibility requirements:

Without technical visit, 10h: 200 € + VAT
With technical visit, 14h: 300 € + VAT

Module 3 - Reinforced Concrete: Performance and compatibility requirements

Lessons, 12h: 240 € + VAT


Trainees who enroll in the 3 modules benefit from a 10% discount (regardless of whether they enroll in class

experimental and / or technical visit). Additional discount for members of partner organizations and students.

Theoretical classes will be online.

Make your registration here.

[Download the registration form to your computer, open it in Excel and follow the instructions indicated therein]

For more information or to clarify doubts, please contact the course coordinator:

Prof. Doctor Maria Idália Gomes (, 965 084 587).