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Soft Skills Training


This set of trainings is a partnership between IASA and XNC.


IASA and the company XNC decided to jointly launch a set of Soft Skills trainings that allow all interested parties to experience new approaches and innovative angles for the evolution of their careers and their quality of life.

Taking a break from time to time protects us and makes us more resilient. Thinking and deciding in a more appropriate way helps us to be more able to face challenges, more socially capable and also more supportive.

One of IASA's main missions is to empower Citizens in all its aspects, including training. XNC is a company with excellent evidence given in the area of ​​Soft Skill, as the CVs of its leaders attest.


This is a partnership that intends to make a difference, not only in the quality of the proposed apprenticeships, but also in terms of their costs, which we intend to keep very affordable, as IASA is a non-profit association.

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Luís Anselmo

He lives in Lisbon, the city where he was born 50 years ago. She has 2 children, 1 dog and a cat. He is a sportsman, more in spirit than practice, but he takes long walks.

Consultant and Trainer, trained in Social and Organizational Psychology and Master's Degree in Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology.


He also has several specializations, such as: Leadership, Communication, Assessment, Teambuilding, Group Dynamics, Psychodrama Director, Systemic Intervention and Family Therapy Course, Personal and Social Skills Training, Community Intervention, among others.


In the organizational areas, he has been working since 1994, having collaborated with different consulting companies, until, in 2007, he created XNC Experienciar in partnership.


At XNC, in addition to his management duties, he works as a consultant and trainer in the area of ​​Human Resources and Soft Skills, where he has developed projects with numerous leading companies at national and international level.


In professional life, as in his personal life, his motto is that life is made up of phases. You do it or you don't do it.

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Pedro Almeida Santos

​Degree in Psychology from the Institute of Applied Psychology, certified trainer and with various specialized training in behavioral areas (mediation, conflict management, diagnostic tools and behavioral analysis, coaching, among others).


He started his career in 1998, as head of programs for the prevention of risky behavior and health promotion, and later in the area of ​​physical and mental rehabilitation in reference institutions.

In 2002 he became involved in multidisciplinary teams of human resources consulting projects, in the definition and implementation of training programs, in the definition of personal and professional development plans, cultural transformation and change management.

Since that time he has been an associate consultant for several HR consultants, project manager and trainer, and has worked with some of the largest national companies in different sectors of activity. He was also a human resources and development consultant for several multinationals in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.

He is co-founder of XNC, where he serves as Executive Director and continues to do what he has chosen and enjoys most; be a facilitator of people's personal and professional development, sharing knowledge and experiences.

The various courses will be developed by recognized experts. The summarized curriculum of each of the trainers can be seen below.

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